Sunday, August 8, 2010

The White Elephant : BPL Scheme

Many of the persons of this world are living below poverty line. But some of them are having very poor position. In my city also a number of such kinds of families can be seen easily. Some of them are living in Deha Bastis, Majris, Dalit Bastis etc. They don’t have enough funds to arrange their bread & butter for two times. They are really living below poverty line. They don’t have their own houses even and living under the Tents like refugees. Neither Public nor Government is taking pain about them and both kinds of categories have no respect for them in their hearts.

I saw that a lady of that group (Deha Basti) who was stung by a snake in night time as they were living in an open ground in a tent and the snake beat her. When she was taken to the doctor, the doctor refused to check her and asked them to deposit the amount of Rs. 500/- in advance. They were not having such heavy amount and started weeping. After that the compounder of the doctor asked them to take her to any other hospital. The patients available at that moment collected the money then the doctor got ready to check her. This is merely one example whereas thousands of such examples are still pending in the society.

They are facing such kind of problems in their daily life. And our Government is always declaring that we are taking the solid steps to raise the standard of poor people. This is right that government started a number of schemes but due to the corrupt officials, the deserving people are deprived of it and the illegal persons take undue benefits of the schemes. I surprised to see that the persons having double storied linter house in Urban Estate, they are having the Sign of BPL. And the Government is becoming blind with eyes. Ration Card is also of three types i.e. white for general people, yellow for poor people and pink for BPL Families but the names of the poor & BPL families are struck-off from the list of pink and yellow Ration cards and these cards are issued to the persons having relations with the officials as well as politicians. The poor people are just taking the rounds of the offices and wandering from pillar to post but nothing is heard from their side. If anyone raises the voice against this corrupt system, that person is finished by the authorities. This is the ill-destiny of our country.

The soul of our freedom fighters may be sad by seeing this picture of our Great India where –

100 Mein Se 99 Beimaan
Phir Bhi Mera Bharat Mahaan.


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