Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Themes for Windows 7

Hello Guys, Sorry for remaining absent for a long time from my blog. But I was studying something else about technology during this period. That’s why I remained absent. During this period, I made new themes for windows 7 for sharing with the world. These themes are quite different from the available online themes. Earlier available windows 7 themes are about Cars, Films, Sceneries, Photoshop Art, Nature, Landscapes, and Advertisements etc. But I don’t find the themes of my taste, that’s why I searched a lot and made these two themes of my own kind.

First theme is containing the pictures of Ancient Statues from the ancient caves whereas second one is containing the photographs of Ancient Caves. I have uploaded both of the themes on internet through Hope you will like them.

Here are the links of these Windows 7 themes :
Link for Ancient Statues.themepack
Link for Ancient Caves.themepack

So, download and cheer.


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