Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Rainy Dirty Water on the Road : Who's responsible?

Day before yesterday, it was a rainy day and on the road where my home is situated, a lot of water was gathered and there was a great scene. I took photographs of such different kind of scenes like person preparing himself for going in rain, Rickshaw puller in gathered water, School going students, and scenes of the floody water, Motor Cycle in the rainy water, vegetable seller etc. See and think, what is the fault of the people living in such areas? This is the area of School Road of Jagadhri; The Metal City where the water gathers from all sides and takes the time about two to three hours to subside. The government is planning for upliftment (about 6’ high from the bottom level of old road) of the bye-pass roads and due to this whole the rainy water is gathering in the city. The houses which are located beside the Bilaspur-Byepass road for the last more than ten years, what is the fault of their owners? Whenever it rains, the rainy water enters into their houses and these houses are having Cost in Rs. Crores also. This is a pre-planned plot of the Government for downgrading the rates of these properties situated nearby the Bilaspur-Byepass Road, Jagadhri.

Person Preparing to face Rainy Water

Vegetable Seller

Floody Water

Rickshaw Puller in Floody Rainy Water

Motorcycle in Rainy Flood water

 School Going Students in the gathered water


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