Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ruin in the City : Chidiya Mandir

Yesterday, I went to Chidiya Mandir. This historical temple was made by ‘Chida Samaj’. It is located in the heart of city i.e. at town hall, Jagadhri. My father told that once this temple was very big. But this is ill fate now a number of people have encroached various parts of the temple and living on these parts by constructing their commercial and residential places. These pictures are of the main gate of the temple which is now looking like ruin. Sometime, I think “Where is God?” Why the Supreme Power doesn’t do anything? Why almighty doesn’t show and miracle over there? Whereas the people are destructing his holy home and illegally constructing their building. Anyway, what can be? my heart breaks and shatters into thousands of tiny pieces.

Now, see and think about this ruin.


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