Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Celebration with Chanting of Durga Chalisa Paath

Last night, it was the last night of the year 2009 and it was the night when New Year 2010 was coming with a lot of happiness, joy and new dreams which are hopefully be true in this year, then a grant “Poojan” was organized by “Bhagwati Maanav Kalyan Sangathan”, Yamuna Nagar Branch.

I really surprised when I visit at the occasion place, there was a great arrangement for devotees who were involved in the programme. Some of these arrangements were Accommodation, Eatable Articles, Bread (Chapaties and Vegetables), Tea etc. This programme was organized under the Divine Presidency of Invisible Body of Sh. Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj, who is a great Saint of this age. He is the founder of “Bhagwati Maanav Kalyan Sangathan”.

It was the occasion of chanting of continues repetition of Shri Durga Chalisa for a period of 24 hours and really they did it. There were thousands of devotees of Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj and Devi Bhagwati Durga who is the mother of whole the world.

The devotees sitting before the Bhawan of Sh. Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj alongwith Bhagwati Durga

The scene inside the Bhawan

Close Scene of Bhawan

I am not a devotee of Shri Shakitiputra Ji Maharaj but me always fond of finding new things and lessons from the “Pravachans” and “Programmes” organized by various Saints or their devotees and here also I found a great spiritualism. I also bowing my head in front of Sh. Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj and also declare a great “Sadguru” on the earth from my end.

The Complete Scene of the Sadhna Hall where Chanting of Durga Chalisa held

I will write more about this Great Saint in my other blog “” in the coming future. This time, I only writing about a short programme organized by the Organization “Bhagwati Maanav Kalyan Sangathan” at Jagadhri.


Anonymous said...

jai mata ki, jai guruvar ki


He(Shaktiputra ji) is an avtaar person in kaliyug as predicted by nastredamous, kero, Jean Diction prf. harar etc. to guide world from miseries to happiness who is omnipotent,invincible and omniscient but preaching the importance of karmayoga to common people to overcome from their miseries.

He had an open challenge to all religions just to show that he is the son of nature (durga ma)and symbol of truth in every respect and whatever he is saying is correct.

Programme was held in delhi on 12-13 nov 2011.

Unknown said...

Sir Kya Meri bhi life badal sakti hai

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