Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Moments of Honour

"LIFE IS A QUEST FOR IDENTITY". Everybody has a dream that he should be recognized by society in various spheres. Having the same dream that I should be recognized by the society as a distinguish personality as I am a different sort of person. I want to be more and more popular and for this I pursued a lot of hardworking in various social, spiritual & theological fields.

I am fond of Astrology for a long period i.e. from my childhood. I want to get specialization in various fields of Astrology. So, I burnt the midnight oil and researched a lot. Hence, collected plenty of knowledge in various fields of Astrology like Numerology, Kundali Vigyan, Palmistry, Gems Science and moreover very much in Tantra. Yes, Tantra is my favourite field. That’s why, I made my research in Tantra under Yamal Tantra from Bharatiya Vedic Jyotish Sansthanam, Varanasi.

It is my good luck that I successfully completed this course and honoured with the degree of “TANTRA BHUSHAN”.

I am going to tell you about the Sammelan (Summit) held at Maharishi Vyas Sabha Mandap, Shri Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Chandigarh which was collectively organized by “Bharatiya Vedic Jyotish Sansthanam, Varanasi” & “Para Shakti Kripa Kendra, Chandigarh” on 9-10 January 2010. This programme was really stupendous for me and my wife. \

The “Summit” was inaugurated by Sh. R.C. Sobti who is Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Chandigarh under the Presidency of Sh. Balwinder Aggarwal ji, the Director of “Para Shakti Kripa Kendra”. In this summit, the main points for discussion were:

1. The secrets of Para Vidya
2. The future of India in the year 2010
3. Five Super Yajna (Panch Maha Yagya) etc.

On the above mentioned topics many of the persons presented their Research Papers and the conclusion were made that without the help of Own Holy Spirit it is impossible to see the Almighty. At this sammelan (Summit), Dr. Purushotam Dass Gupta proved on the behalf of the example of Mundokopnishad & the learning taught by Aadi Guru Shankaracharya that Only having the blessings of Para Vidya, one can meet with Almighty.

I also presented my Research Paper on the Topic “CHHINAMASTA SADHNA” and I got surprised when my research paper was selected for the printing in the reputed Magazine “HORASHASTRAM” and for this, I got honoured with the award of the degree of “JYOTISH VIDYA SHREE” on the spot.

This Sammelan completed in three sessions. I attended all the sessions and collected a lot of knowledge in the various fields of Astrology. In the last session i.e. third session, I got honoured three times i.e. with “TANTRA BHUSHAN”, “JYOTISH VIDYA SHREE” and “HONOUR CERTIFICATE”.

It was the happiest day of my life. One of my desires has been successfully completed on this day.

In fact, it was an unforgettable golden moment of my life. I thanked the Almighty for the same as it could never be possible without the blessings of the supernatural machinery i.e. God.


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