Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Electricity Problem : The Reality or Political Stunt

Nowadays, in our Jagadhri City, all the persons are suffering from electricity crisis. There are a huge number of unannounced power cuts in this area. There is no regular schedule of power coming and no time of power cut and not limit of time are declared for these cuts. Electricity is available for 10 to 15 minutes and fails for more than one hour to two hours or more than it. All of the people are suffering from this problem. Today, there is no way to live without electricity. This is the examination period and students are facing such kind of problem. They are terrified because there is no power then how they can read in night? Even they have learnt whole the year but if there is no revision, the graph of marks will fall down. Not only this, the persons who are not having any funds for Generators or Invertors, what they can do? According to my notion, they should pass away because Government is doing nothing for them. This government can provide all the facilities to those, who are the kith & kin of government or having government job or having rights to void the rules or having relations with the big guns of the district. A labour class person who is working on daily wages, what he wants? Only bread & butter of two times and a joyful sleep, but if there is no electricity in this hot season, how he can sleep when mosquitoes are wandering here and there in his home and moreover, how he will get freshness for the working in next day?

Even this city has Deen Bandhu Sir Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Plant then what is the benefit of this plant? If the complete power production by this plant is supplied to the other states by our Chief Minister, then why this plant has been established? Why government is spending more and more money on these types of plants? Why government is providing jobs for these kinds of plants? The only and only reason behind it is to get black money from public and eating currency from the state budget and eating money for providing job. They are creating corruption. If plants are established on the land of our state, firstly, the state public has the right on the electricity produced by it. If extra electricity is remains then it should be sold to other state.

Our state is facing the problem of electricity. Electronic goods, Mobile Phones, Bulbs, Tube-lights, Ceiling fans, Coolers, Stone-crashers, Photocopier Machines, Computer Job Work, Educational Situation, Kindles, Oven, Refrigerators, Various Factory Machines etc. are depending upon the electricity. And in our city, it has declared that the Utensil Bazaar and Ply-board Bazaar is the largest bazaar of Asia. But if there will be no power, how these plants may survive? Due to the lack of electricity, the vegetables are also having food poisoning; a number of diseases are spreading their net. A poor person, who is already fighting with his daily routine, now he should also be ready to fight with diseases and with the heavy bills of doctors.

I want to ask from the government, why our government is not looking after the people in right way? Why the government is not paying attention towards the problems of the people? Why the government has made a number of Power Plants in Haryana? If the plants are closed on account of the lack of Coal, then why that were made of ‘coal producing electricity type’ and why not with ‘water type’ (Turbine)? Why government is disbursing the salary among the employees of these plants? They should be shifted to any other department and the power plants should be closed permanently. Why should the Public bear the expenditure of these plants? If people are paying their electricity bill regularly, then why don’t they get electricity in an adequate manner? I know that there is no answer of these questions and hence, I am giving the answer of these questions, which is – Bureaucracy. All of the Officials are doing that, what they want. There is no control over them. From a peon to C.M., all are the chips of the same block. Then how, these problems can be removed? They are filling their pockets with money. They should have all types of facilities; either public will go to hell.


Larita paban said...

If the property was recently built so already an Epc when construction is available, it should be no EPC for sale and rental of residential buildings put up as long as the EPC is valid for new buildings (also 10 years).

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