Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brij ki Holi V/S. Open Gundagardi or Scoundrel-ness (Badmashi)

My blog is all about my personal live experiences and what I am observing, that is posted on my blog, whether my experience is good or bad.  Before this, I wrote about a number of my good experience because I faced them very nicely but this is the not only bad but worse or worst experience.  I had heard about the Holi at Varindavana.  I had heard about the various aspects of Holi and I got excited to play the Holi with “Banke Bihari” but I found there a lot of gundagardi in the name of “Lord Banke Bihari”.  Most of the Brijwasi persons are teasing girls and women and touching them here and there while putting colour upon them.  There was only open gundagardi in the name of Lord/God, Bhakti and mythology was absent there.  I have no words to explain about the Holi Festival.  There was no arrangement of Police.  And outside of the Temple, only a board was hanging written upon it “This is a Private Temple”.  If this is a private temple, then why are you showing Lord as a Show Piece.  I saw a lot of business in the name of Lord Banke Bihari.  Pandas and Pujaris of the temple were also putting the colours only on ladies (girls and women).  They have made a great underworld in the temple premises.  All kind of arrangement was nil.  A huge crowd of dirty and scoundrel people were attacking on the ladies.  They were wandering here and there as a thirsty dog which is always in search of Objects [shikaar (ladies)].  If anyone is speaking to them, they says : “This is U.P. (Uttar Pradesh), go away otherwise you will be killed and also this is the area of ours, your dead body will not be arranged by your relatives.”  I really shocked by hearing these kind of words.
I personally saw from my lodge that a person along with his wife and one year old baby was passing through the street nearby Banke Bihari temple and about 5 to 6 boys came and put the bucket of colour only upon his wife and his one year old baby.  When he refused them to do so, they started beating him very cruel-fully. Not only this, some persons were putting hands upon the breasts of the ladies.  Some were trying to pushing the cheeks of the ladies and saying : “Yeh Brij ki Holi Hai, Radhe Radhe.”

When we entered into the Temple of “Lord Banke Bihari”, the local public (Brijwasis) were entering there like Mad [Pagal] dogs.  They were forcefully entering into the premises of temple by  pulling down the people of other states especially ladies.  At that moment, a large no. of ladies and girls were fall down and the mad people crowd passed upon them.  I also fall down and with a lot of hardwork I escaped from the temple.  At the door of temple, only two policemen were appointed and they were refusing the local persons (Brijwasis) for flying colour in the premises of the temple.  No one was able to see the statue of Lord Baanke Bihari.

In the streets also very bad condition.  The Brijwasi persons were wandering here and there as a Mad Bull and showing their full scoundrel nature and gundagardi.

I didn’t find any Lord there but found only scoundrel, Gunde and Mawali type of persons.  The persons of other states and various tourists were as a leaf of bread for them.  If they have a right, they must kill all the visitors.

With very sad hearted I left Varindavan and went to Barsana.  There was nothing like this.  I found a great calm and peace there.  I got happy that the persons of this area are good.  I made a circle journey (Parikrama) of Barsana and visited the temple of Bhagwati Radha “Shree Ji”.  I attended the Aarti Sabha in the temple premises and started our journey to “Shri Giri Raj ji” or “Shri Govardhan Ji”. 

After night stay at Govardhan, we started the Parikrama of Shri Govardhan ji in our car.  Here the great Scoundrels (gundas) were wandering here and there.  As like in Varindavan, whole of the persons were of same natured.  Most of the persons were gundas.  They were also wandering as  Mad Pig and ready to eat everything.  Many of the persons of Brij were found (Lady Killer) Auratkhor in my sight.  They were not only putting the colours upon the ladies and gents but also putting mud upon them.  They were abusing the persons of other states.  Moreover, they bared a person who was making parikrama of Shri Giri Raj Ji and robbed or looted his money.  Not only this, they looted his ATM Card also. 

A person of Sawaran Caste was also caught by them and they had broken the glasses and mirrors of his Swift Car and put the mud on car and the seats of car.

In short, I can say very bad experience.


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