Monday, September 13, 2010

The Black Saturday, When My Scooter Sold

It was very sad Saturday for me because my scooter was sold in scrap. It was a long journey with this scooter. I was just in 5th Class when my father purchased this scooter. This scooter was of 1982 model of Grey colour. I wandered various places on this scooter with my father and brother also. Not only nearby areas but also at various far and wide areas like “Trilokpur”, “Shakunbhri Devi” and many other districts also. That’s why my attachment with this scooter was not more but the most, because this was my lucky scooter. I was really very sad when this was sold in scrap. In the front of this scooter I displayed a sticker of my name “Naval Arora’s”. But this is the rule of nature that one day everything is to damage and that was the day when this scooter having my named sticker Naval Arora’s was sold in scrap and that was the day of separation.


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